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Professional service

Unlike others, we don't outsource! We have our own technology proffesionals and who will guide you, from the beggining to the end of the project, such as selecting appropriate products and technolgy. Our well skilled design team, will analyze your floor plan and provide you electrical and equipment layout diagrams. Our field engineers will visit site frequently and notice you , if some changes need to be done,then he start installing devices at right time & place, knowing your family's preference and living style.


Our young dynamic Astute team , will never advice or insist you to buy unnecessary products or technology in sales motive, as we always would like to provide our customers a Secured home, with Comfortable operation and Convenient access at affordable cost. our mission policy is Make technology customised for each home & user needs at economical price so that it can reach all common man. Our friendly executive will assist you in choosing the right solutions, as your true friend does...!


Our technology provides, you a space-age,dream place.Though we use labyrinth, complex, state of art technology behind all our products, all you feel & experience is, just a child’s play. The best thing about our system is it takes no time at all to learn to use it. If you,knows how to use any smart phones or tablets, our software feels just like any other app you use on a daily basis.Having all the systems HVAC, lighting, AV, surveillance and alarms – all adjust themselves SMARTLY, will make your everyday life simpler and enjoyable.


"We've always taken quality control seriously, and it exhibits, Year after year, our products consistently earn the reputation as the most reliable and advanced in our industry. But still we thrive to achieve better than the best. We simply won't settle for anything less than 100% perfection. We always in pursuit of excellence, meeting and exceeding world class standards". No matter how big or small the solution we offer to customers, each and every products are completely quality checked before delivery to meet the customers expectations.

Cost Efficient

We carefully analyze the current automation & technology market and hand pick the best products from all over the world. This makes us stand apart from other competitors, who insist you to any one or two particular brands or some local brands, which seems to be cheaper initially, but few months later , it start arising problems. Where we settle only for quality first products from the world renowned manufacturers and integrate the devices to give you the best experience and cost efficient, that lasts for years thus saving you the money invested.

Builders friendly..

Today’s ‘always-connected’ tech-savvy homebuyers expect the same convenience and control in their homes that they get from their smartphones, which is why builders prefer adding Astute’s automation solutions as a standard offering to their development projects. One of the reasons builders are attracted to Astute Automation is that we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology and household amenities to make life more entertaining, more comfortable and more convenient. We will jointly market the benefits of home automation, with builders, to prospective home buyers .

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A prospective Business Oppurtunity, where Cutting edge technology meets Mind blowing ideas to yield High profit...

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